Diagnosis and treatment open hours of the clinic


Eholiday and Sunday
¨all day
ETuesday Thursday and Saturday ¨ afternoon

Directorfs Self Introduction

Medical counseling

We will receive the consultation concerning the medical treatment. Please consult about the anxious thing etc.

To the medical counseling form

Clinic externals

A comfortable clinic for the patient

Our clinic is located in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture.
We aim to be a place where patients can receive treatment as comfortably as possible. Endoscopic examination and treatment are performed here. We always try to minimize the burden placed on patients during treatment and examination.

We renovated the clinic in July 2012.

We renovated the clinic for patients to receive treatment as comfortably as possible.
There is a pleasant atmosphere in the clinic.
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  • Entrance of examination room
  • Entrance of treatment room
  • Restroom esp. for the patient undergoing colonoscopy
  • treatment room



Endoscopic Therapy

This is the examination generally called ggastric camerah or gcolon fiberscopyh. Today, it involves electronic endoscopes, which have a diameter of about 9 mm for the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, or about 11 mm for the colorectum.